David Mitchell’s new book The Bone Clocks has an official release date, and that’s not all: there are more books on the way, too.

i can haz all pleaz?
Finished the 5K in under 37 minutes! Not bad considering it’s been so cold I’ve only run twice in six months. :)

But better news, TEAM LEOPARDS raised over $1000 to help Concern USA combat poverty worldwide!

HUGE THANKS to Chris and Michael Mueller-Smith, Daniel Mattingly, Andy Dodds, Benjamin Blake, Chelsea Lindman, Deb and Dennis Jansma, Lisa Larson Miller, Emily Ethridge, Dennis Miller, and many many more for your help!!

My writer-friend John Proctor (not that John Proctor!) tagged me in a game of blog tag this week. He answered four questions about his work on his blog and now I get to do the same and tag the great Timothy S. Lane (whose novel, Rules for Becoming a Legend, is on sale now!)

Here are the four questions and my answers!

1. What are you working on now?

My second novel, (do we like WHAT CAN GO WRONG as a title?) about five twenty-somethings in New York City facing a crisis and helping each other cope with their first great loss.

2. How does your work differs from others in the genre?

I like to hope to think to dream that my writing brings some fun to literary fiction - too often I read stories and novels that are perfect in a lifeless sort of way. I don’t mean this in a sentimental way, but I want to hear a heart pumping beneath every single sentence. Writing is one of the most fun things I get to do all day, and I want that to come across, even when I’m writing about death and tragedy and frustration and Millennials.

3. Why do you write what you do?

All the usual reasons, including that it keeps me sane and makes me feel like I’m reaching people in some not-small way. Since my first book came out I feel myself still wanting to write for all the for-its-own-sake sorts of reasons, but now I get this additional urge to write something not just for its own sake but for mine and for my family’s. When I was a kid I remember seeing that movie Stuart Saves His Family at the video store - and my mother would never let me rent it and now I don’t particularly want to - but that phrase still rings in my mind. These days when I sit down to write, I’m starring in my own video called “Kris Saves His Family”. I guess that’s the sort of delusion that parenthood and publication can do to a person.

4. What is your writing process?

In my dreams, my writing process involves long days spent sipping coffee in front of my laptop, losing hour after hour to the work. But in reality those days come around only once every few months - if that often. So the reality of it is that my process involves fiercely hunting down half-hour or even 45-minute gaps in the busy schedule of childcare, teaching, commuting, and just life - where I can (yes, drink coffee and) push along a little farther. It seems like this could never amount to much, but it does… a little over 300 pages in the past year? Divvy that up and you’re talking about a page or less a day. And a lot of cups of coffee.

Tim, you’re up!