I’m pleased to announce that after five years of hard work, my second novel WHAT CAN GO WRONG made its way to my editor’s desk at Viking/Penguin today for the first of several rounds of edits. There’s a lot more hard work to come before we get it into the hands of readers, but for now, a much-needed rest!

Just a quick and heartfelt thank you to all the friends and duties I’ve been neglecting over the last few weeks. Your support has made all the difference, and I think when you read this one you’ll see why it was very much needed.

All the best,


Anonymous said: Hi, Kristopher! Could you talk a little bit about your experience with the JHU Writing Seminars? Hopkins is my top choice right now, a good part due to the Sems program and the wonderful alumni it's produced (you included)!

Hello! Thanks for asking! I went to JHU because they had a Creative Writing major separate from the English department. I got to take many more courses than I would have at other schools. I learned a lot from the faculty there but also from the students. Two of my closest writer friends today are people I met there in workshop. Overall the atmosphere was competitive, which at least at that time was the case all through the school, but that was perfect for me at the time because it really jumpstarted my ambitions (and not as drastically as in Chapter 2, I promise). I can’t say how it would compare to other programs, or how it has changed over the last 13 years (ugh!) but I loved my time there immensely. Good luck!

"The art of writing is mysterious, the opinions we hold are ephemeral." - Jorge Luis Borges