Anonymous said: Have you met Dave Eggers? It would be great to have him visit New Paltz. Years ago, I happened upon him reading at a Seattle bookstore on UDub, just a few blocks from the U.of Washington campus. Lots of fun to be there, just by chance, as though that's possible .

No! I have been to his tutoring center/Superhero Supply store here in Brooklyn before, but the closest I came to ever meeting him was being in a very large convention center room with him once in Kansas City while we (and 30 other authors) were both signing copies of books. But I’m an admirer of his writing, as well as what he’s done to help bring writing to underserved communities. He did this great Ted Talk about his Tutoring Centers, if you’re interested!

"We came to the city because we wished to live haphazardly, to reach for the least realistic of our desires, and see if we could not learn what our failures had to teach, and not, when we came to live, discover that we had never died." - What Can Go Wrong 

New Paltz! Hudson Valley! I am doing a free reading tonight at 5 pm at the SUNY New Paltz Honors Center. Open to all students and the public! Will be reading from The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards and a little from my novel-in-progress, WHAT CAN GO WRONG.
We now know that telling writers to avoid the passive is bad advice. Linguistic research has shown that the passive construction has a number of indispensable functions because of the way it engages a reader’s attention and memory. A skilled writer should know what those functions are and push back against copy editors who, under the influence of grammatically naïve style guides, blue-pencil every passive construction they spot into an active one.