Reasons to be a Writer: Spending the morning at B&N reading bridal magazines to research for a wedding scene in new novel. #WhatCanGoWrong

delicate-english said: Hi Mr Jansma, my name is Dennis and I just finished your novel and I was (and still am) completely and thoroughly infatuated with it, (I got one of the signed copies.) and it is truly inspiring. I'm going to be a college freshman, and I am an aspiring writer/novelist, and I was just wondering if you had any tips/secrets that you would be willing to share with someone like me! Thank you for your time!

Hey Dennis - Thanks so much for writing, and for reading! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. My best advice is to keep reading… as much as you can and as many different kinds of books as you can. Be curious and take a little time out as often as you can to write, even if it’s just a letter to your mom or a grocery list. As long as you make the effort to write everything, including text messages and tumblr posts, as well as you possibly can, you will always be practicing. Thinking about the rhythms of a sentence and the words you can choose. It can take a long time - usually a lot longer than most of us would like - but if you enjoy writing then it won’t feel like a chore. Best of luck!


The bad news: scientists confirm that writers struggle with worse mental health. The good news: new fMRI evidence shows that MFAs teach you something.